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Cost-Effective Alternative to Internal Hiring

IT operations without the hassle and expense of hiring internal engineers. Hiring and retaining skilled engineers internally is a costly endeavour, with expenses including salaries, benefits, training, and overhead. With our outsourcing service, you can enjoy the expertise and support of seasoned professionals at a fraction of the cost. We offer flexible service tiers tailored to your budget and requirements, ensuring you receive maximum value for your investment.

The Procedural Software Ltd

Commitment to SLA and Security Standards

At The Procedural Software Ltd, we take pride in our commitment to service excellence and security. Our Service Level Agreements (SLAs) guarantee prompt response times, fast issue resolution, and high uptime for your critical systems. We adhere to industry-leading security standards and best practices to safeguard your data and infrastructure against cyber threats and breaches. Rest assured, your systems are in safe hands with our dedicated team of experts.

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Continuous Improvement and Innovation

We don’t just meet your current needs – we anticipate and adapt to your evolving requirements. Our commitment to continuous improvement means we are always striving to enhance our services, refine our methods, and stay ahead of the curve in technology trends and advancements. We regularly review and update our processes, tools, and skillsets to deliver the highest quality service and value to our clients


For when you need to go beyond

1: Each plan includes five techs, e.g. Cloud Services/Platforms, Servers / VPSes / Nodes, Panels. Further details can be found here

2: Cloud Services/Platforms refers to services such as, Azure, GCP, AWS, etc.

3: Nodes refers to Dedicated Servers and VPSes.

4: Panels refers to control panels such as, cPanel, Plesk, Wrangler, Portainer, etc.

5: SLA and Disaster Recovery is explained in our Terms and Conditions for infrastructure management.